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Bio Sparkles, 100% Plastic Free, 10g – Red

Biodegradable, eco-friendly glitter with a great glitter effect. Made from cellulose extracted from eucalyptus trees grown in certified, sustainable forests. 100% plastic-free. Ideal for craft projects as an alternative to ordinary glitter. If bio glitter is mixed directly with a liquid, the colour may bleed. Bio-glitter can be composted and degrades naturally in water over time.

Bio sparkles may be used in the same way as traditional glitter and may be sprinkled onto wet paint, glue and double-sided adhesive tape or mixed with Sticky Base. Please note that colour bleeding may occur if the bio glitter is mixed directly with aqueous/liquid products or if sprinkled onto slow drying items such as handmade paper.

Bio sparkles is ideal for creating a glitter effect on wooden items, papier-mâché items, card items, paper items and more.


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